Choosing an early education program for your child can be a tough decision. At Little Sprouts Preschool we create a loving and nurturing environment for the children that leaves our parents at ease!

Check out these kind words from our parents!

Our 2 1/2 year old son has had a wonderful transition into Little Sprouts Preschool. The teachers and directors are extremely caring, attentive, and make sure that he is comfortable and happy each day. We are so thankful for the love and support Little Sprouts Preschool has brought to our family!
— Adam & Diana
We are so thankful to have found Little Sprouts! Our daughter loves school and gets excited to see her friends and teachers! We love that even at two, she’s already learning about God as well as her colors, numbers, shapes, etc. She even came home using new sign language words!! We highly recommend Little Sprouts, can’t say enough good things!
— Eric & Cara
Sean and I are so happy with Little Sprouts, Everett was a little behind with starting to say words and in 2 months they have helped him say multiple different words. Kari, his teacher, always has a smile and is excited to see him everyday. Brooke and Bonnie are fantastic owners, they genuinely show interest and care in every child. Everett has blossomed in 2 months and we are so excited to see what else he can do!
— Sean & Erika
We are so happy that we enrolled our 2 year old son into Little Sprouts Preschool when they opened in October. Our son is always excited to go and it is never a challenge. We are pleased with all the new things he has learned. He has become very verbal and very excited to learn new things. The facility is very nice. The rooms are large enough for the classes and equipped with all that you would expect. They are clean and well kept. They also have a good sized playground. I personally love the fact that the class sizes are small; the teachers are kind and caring and are obviously happy to be teaching. It is also a nice bonus to have the religious aspect included in the instruction, and even just to have a religious bent to the whole environment is very valuable. This is a great school and we would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. There are so many more wonderful things about this school! This school is a goldmine!!!
— Jhoat & Erica
We are so happy to have our son at Little Sprouts! We know he is safe and cared for, he gets lots of experiences with their in-house field trips and learning God’s word! He loves to go to “school” just like his big brother and sister.
— Bryan & Joy
I have always had an inward struggle putting my children in a daycare or preschool. Every day that my children attend Little Sprouts Preschool, I know that their lives are being fully enriched while I am away at work. My children are blessed to have a biblical foundation every day. My youngest, who is almost 2 was singing, rather shouting, YES! Yesus yuvs me!! all thoughout the day yesterday. I love, love, love hearing his little voice with his broken phrases and knowing that he is nourishing his mind, heart, and understanding at Little Sprouts each week. It takes a village to raise a child and I am thankful the staff and children at Little Sprouts is among those people.
— Peter & Amy
We are so thankful for Little Sprouts and all the knowledge they are instilling. Since starting at this school, she comes home and talks/sings about Jesus and the Bible! We are grateful she is so loved and cared for by awesome teachers! Thank you Little Sprouts Preschool for helping us grow our little one with the same values she is learning at home and church!”
— Josh & Kristen
My Maddie girl attends Little Sprouts and she LOVES it here! The best feeling is when a parent can drop their child off at daycare and know that they are being well cared for. Miss Kari is amazing with Maddie and keeps me updated throughout the day!
— Rebecca and Wayne
This is the best child Care VPK ever!!!! Brooke and Bonnie have made a wonderful safe learning environment and we wish our granddaughter could stay there forever!
— Karen
I love this preschool. My four year old Yely started a little over a month ago and she loves her preschool, her new friends, and her teacher. She has learned so many wonderful things from counting to bible verses, she is even learning sign language words! They are an incredible, loving, and patient staff! To see my child get up in the morning with so much eagerness to get to her classroom is amazing not to mention priceless. So worth it.
— Iran & Yanerixia
Simply the BEST school around! Throughout the day you will receive pictures and updates of your kiddos, from the most caring staff around. Impressed with all the new things my children have learned! Sign up today!
— Tim & Anna
We love Little Sprouts! My four-year-old has some developmental issues and the school has been excellent with working with him, so happy Little Sprouts is the school we ended up at!
— Kevin & Amanda