our story

             Little Sprouts Preschool began as just a dream in February 2017. Bonnie was expecting her third child and was trying to figure out what the next season of life would look like with 3 kids, new schedules, and school expenses. She remembers waking up one morning and feeling a tug on her heart to open a preschool! After hearing Bonnie's idea I immediately jumped on board and the planning began! We knew we wanted to be in downtown Lakeland and that we wanted to serve children from infancy through age 5. Then it was time to name our new business! It took quite a while for us to land on "Little Sprouts" we wanted something that simply represented us. We went back and forth on the idea that we wanted children to "grow" their love for Christ as well as learn with us. This is how we came up with our motto, Rooted in faith, Watered in knowledge, Grown in love. Shortly after we began talking about our new school, while on a walk I came upon a building on Tennessee Avenue that looked like an old preschool. We investigated and after a few months and many trials and tribulations, we bought 2 historic buildings  in the heart of downtown! This was a blessing from God because it was already suited for a preschool setting. We worked day in and day out for the next 2 months to create the best space for Little Sprouts that we could. We painted, reconfigured rooms, cleaned, put down mulch, and prayed for what our school would one day become. Opening up Little Sprouts Preschool has been a dream come true and answer to many prayers. We are so excited to see what the future of our school will hold and the many children that will encounter God through Little Sprouts and our amazing teachers. 

                             -Brooke, Owner